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We are Phil and Alexis, a father and daughter team. I'm a retired engineer. Alexis is a former sales manager for Sprint, Radio Shack, and others. We travel and we make things. You may find us at art shows, Western themed fairs, steampunk conventions, and the like.

How It Started

I've enjoyed designing and building things since I was a kid, and I made a career out of it. I've always had an appreciation for well-made things that are clever, practical, interesting, or just beautiful. After a long career in engineering, I wanted to continue to make things. After a period of woodworking, I returned to metal fabrication, machining, welding, and so forth. Friends would see an item I had made and ask me to make one for them. One day, I donated an item as a door prize for a local function. When two women nearly got into a fight over it, I realized there might be a market for my creations.

Around this time, my daughter, Alexis, was looking for a change. Like me, she enjoys traveling and seeing new places and things. Despite living at opposite ends of the country, we discussed this and came up with a plan to collaborate and combine our interests. Alexis grew up around horses and things with a Western theme. Both of us are fans of the steampunk and retro-industrial genres, so that's our focus.


Inspiration for my work comes from two places. It wasn't long ago that everything in our lives was handmade and each item was unique. Today, our lives are impoverished because we're surrounded by boring things, all alike. However, ordinary and practical household items become interesting and unique if they are made by hand. For this reason I make a wide variety of practical things including lamps, sconces, bowls, racks, trivets, and much more.

The second thing I'm inspired to do is make things that are pleasing, interesting, or fun to look at. In particular, I enjoy making things that move, things that do something unusual. I enjoy creating interesting mechanisms, which dovetails with the world of steampunk.

How We Work

Instead of choosing between work or travel, we decided to work and travel. We travel in a motorhome towing a large trailer that houses the machine shop, welding booth, and paint booth. We work wherever we are.

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Thank you for your interest. We hope you enjoy the things we make.

More detailed information about us can be found on the Metal Dreams blog.

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